This Week in Ad Tech, The PPC Show

Facebook Adding More Choices For Video Ad Buyers

This week, Facebook adds more choices for video ad buyers; Google announces custom metrics, Unique Reach, and Brand Lift capabilities; and Snapchat roles out new ecommerce ...

This Week in Ad Tech, The PPC Show

Facebook Stories ads now available to all advertisers

This week, Facebook Stories ads were made available to all advertisers while Amazon and Snapchat formed a powerful partnership. Also, learn how to untangle your B2B attribution ...

This Week in Ad Tech, The PPC Show

Vertical Video Ads Are Coming to Youtube

This week, Amazon has been forecast to be the number 3 digital advertising player in 2018, YouTube rolled out vertical ads, and Spotify (kind of) became the first platform for ...

The PPC Show, This Week in Ad Tech

Facebook Updates Ad Metrics to Provide a More Holistic View

This week on the PPC Show, Facebook shares more data on ad placement, Collection ads get a pre-holiday touch-up, and NASA is exploring additional monetization options. Tune in ...

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How to Navigate the Change from Google AdWords to Google Ads

Google ad products recently had, perhaps, the biggest rebrand since the Starbucks Coffee brand dropped the word “coffee” from its name in 2011 and became just “Starbucks.”

The PPC Show, This Week in Ad Tech

Instagram Is Building a Standalone App for Shopping

This week, Instagram is building a whole new app for e-commerce, Facebook users are taking a break from Facebook, and Amazon is testing an attribution pixel. Tune in to hear ...

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You Can Now Apply to Be Verified on Instagram

This week on the PPC Show: You can now apply to be verified on Instagram, Facebook lets publishers test organic posts, and Snapchat can now track your emotions. Tune in to ...

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Facebook Cuts 5,000 Targeting Options

Last week, Facebook removed 5,000 targeting options, Google shared tips on food advertising, Instagram Sponsored Content became the new summer job for Generation Z, and ...

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Amazon Is Testing Video Ads in Search

This week, Amazon started showing video ads in search, Facebook asked large Pages to go through a special authorization, and Google Analytics launched cross-device reporting ...

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Facebook Launches Playable Ads

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