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    How To Set Up Your First Twitter Video Advertising Campaign

    Something extraordinary happened on Twitter recently. It wasn’t the latest Trump tweet. Or an uproar over a dress.

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    Twitter Ads CPM, CPC, & CTR Benchmarks for Q1 2018

    For Q1 2018, we’ve analyzed over 300 million Twitter ad impressions and more than 8 million clicks. Compared to Q4 ’17, we found the median CPM for Twitter placement ads ...

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    Twitter Ad Costs for 2017 [NEW REPORT]

    For Q4 2017, we've analyzed over 355 million Twitter ad impressions across 100+ unique accounts in USD currency to uncover the average CPM, CPC, and CTR of Twitter ad costs. ...

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    Twitter CPMs Increase 27% In 2017 [Report]

    We analyzed over 3.5 billion Twitter ad impressions from January to June 2017. Based on our data, we saw CPMs increase from $5.30 to $6.72 during the first six months of 2017, ...

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    50 Essential Social Media Advertising Statistics [UPDATED]

    There are a lot of things people say about social media advertising. Some say it works only for B2C businesses, others that they work only for small ones. Some even dare to say ...

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    How to Boost Ad Results: New Twitter Website Conversions Objective

    Twitter Ads Introduces New Website Conversions Objective to Drive Conversions at Scale Source: Twitter Ads Blog

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    How to Increase Engagement with Top Prospects Using Social Ads

    This is part II of our four part series, “How to Drive B2B Pipeline with Social Ads”. In Part I we discussed how to generate scalable revenue by targeting the right prospects. ...

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    Are Your Twitter Ads Still Attracting the Wrong Leads?

    Think Twitter Ads are a Waste of Your Advertising Budget? Think Again. You either love it or you hate it. Everyone has an opinion about Twitter. Just look at the stock price ...

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    How to Do Mobile Social Media Advertising the Right Way

    Social Media Advertising: Why You Need to Keep Up with Mobile Demand It’s an end of an era — mobile media consumption officially surpasses desktop. In fact, the mobile ...

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    Capture & Convert Audiences: Advanced Twitter Ad Strategies

    We’re Going to #SocialPro Conference 2016 and You Should Join Us! AdStage Shares Twitter Expertise at SocialPro: Advanced Twitter Ads Strategies That Capture Audiences & Convert