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YouTube doubling video ad plays + Q3 2018 YouTube Benchmarks: CPC, CPM, CTR

Do you enjoy watching pre-roll ads on YouTube? YouTube says that yes you do, and for that reason, according to a recent report from AdAge, it will now double up the number of ...

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YouTube Ads Drive More Engagement in 2018 [Report]

In Q1 2018, we analyzed over 100 million ad impressions and over five million clicks on YouTube to uncover the average CPM, CPC, and CTR. Compared to last year, we found the ...

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4 Reasons Search Marketers Are Excited About YouTube Advertising

2018 has been one hell of a year for us digital marketers already, hasn’t it? New features rolling out, a new UI driving all of us crazy, and GDPR having us:

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Turning the Tables on YouTube Audiences

Audiences were all the rage for advertisers and marketers in 2017. No longer just a tool for social media or display network marketing, audience targets became a major focus in ...

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50 Essential Social Media Advertising Statistics [UPDATED]

There are a lot of things people say about social media advertising. Some say it works only for B2C businesses, others that they work only for small ones. Some even dare to say ...

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Important Things to Know about YouTube Shopping Campaigns

People are now watching an average of 1 billion hours a day on YouTube. Besides being an extremely effective branding channel, you can also work on getting direct revenue ...