This Week in Ad News: New Instagram Competitor, Byte, Gets 1.3 Million Downloads in First Week

Introducing Byte, Another New Social Media Network For Marketers to Learn
If you were late to TikTok and now you're afraid to install it and get spied on by the Chinese government then I have just the app for you! New short-form video app, Byte, is new to the video sharing scene and attracted 1.3 million downloads during its first week. Go grab your username before some troll buys it and tries to sell it to you. 

Bloomberg is Giving a Masterclass on Influencer Marketing
Love him or hate him, you can't deny his new influencer-driven ad campaign is turning heads. While we wait for the SEC to determine rules on influencer-based political ads, the Bloomberg campaign went all in and hired Jerry Media. Yes, THAT Jerry Media that did the Fyre Festival promotion. 🔥

Digital Marketing Agency Hanapin Acquired by Brainlabs
There's a chance you may not know the 70-person agency, Hanapin but I guarantee you know their wildly successful content and event brands, HeroConf and PPCHero. This week the Hanapin CEO, Jeff Allen announced they will soon be part of Brainlabs. A UK-based agency buying up digital marketing agencies.

Possibly Another Way to Advertise Your Video on Instagram 
Instagram confirmed via Tweet that it had made an internal prototype to explore ways to monetize IGTV. If the IGTV ads are anything like the ads on their sister product, Facebook Watch, then expect to see In-Stream Ads appear during IGTV content. 

LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Gmail is Shutting Down
LinkedIn purchased Rapportive back in 2012 but are calling it quits on the product due to low adoption. While once a must-have feature for anyone that used email for business, the brilliant product mind behind the app left LinkedIn to go start Superhuman (which just last week raised a $7M angel round). 

Check Out The Impressive ROAS from Biddyco
This one isn't a news headline but I'm blushing and need to share the news. 😊LA-based, eCommerce agency is using AdStage's Report Liveview to present results from their actual 2019 Facebook ad campaigns. Check out their website to see their work.

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