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    Facebook Updates Video Ad Metrics

    Welcome to This Week in Ad Tech, AdStage's weekly news roundup. Here're the top headlines for the week of July 30th - August 3rd, 2018.

    This week Facebook has removed two video ad metrics, WhatsApp announced its monetization strategy, and Google added a new feature to allow advertisers to buy Ads.txt authorized-only inventory.

    Show Notes

    Facebook Updates Video Ad Metrics

    Facebook is removing two metrics, announcing a new one, and adding third-party verification for measuring Facebook ads with Oracle Data Cloud’s Moat product.

    Facebook Looks to Monetize Whatsapp

    Facebook advertisers will soon have access to ads on Facebook that click to WhatsApp, automatically opening a pre-filled WhatsApp chat between the user and business.

    LinkedIn Overhauls Campaign Manager

    With the new Campaign Manager, marketers will be able to personalize their dashboard to display the metrics they most often review.

    Google Allows Advertisers to Buy Ads.txt Authorized-Only Inventory

    Advertisers using Display & Video 360 can now opt to only buy inventory that has been authorized via a publisher’s ads.txt file.

    Marketers Cool on VR, Shift Focus to AR

    More marketers are looking into AR to change the buying experience. Boston Consulting Group says the number of AR users in the U.S. will reach 51.2 million this year.

    Bing Ads Rolls Out Advanced Bidding Strategies: Target CPA & Maximize Conversions

    Bing just rolled out the most requested feature for advertisers.

    Which Companies Lost the Most Fake Followers In the Twitter Bot Purge?

    After a massive sweep of fake accounts on Twitter in July 2018, Priceonomics made a list of companies with the highest number of lost followers.

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