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Tips to Get The Most From Quora's Question Targeting

If you’ve never taken Quora into consideration as a potential marketing channel, check out this article from Marketing Land. Quora’s ad platform is pretty darn new — it came out of beta in mid-2017, so perhaps the majority of performance marketers are simply waiting for the word of mouth recommendation to get going, but don’t wait for that! By that time, it’s too late. According to the article. Marketing Land talked to some of the early advertisers, and they said that overall, “Quora was an easy bet to make” and almost immediately they saw“good traffic volume and performance from organic traffic.”

If you don’t even know where to begin with Quora, check out our post Quick Guide to Launching Quora Ads and consider using AdStage’s Quora integration to get a quick and easy grasp on your initial numbers. 

For those of you who are ready for more, in this post, we’ll take a look at a targeting opportunity that is specific and unique to Quora: Question Targeting.

What is Quora’s Question Targeting

What makes Quora’s platform unique is that it’s organized in the form of questions and answers. Obviously no other platform is built with this as its central function, so being able to target ads using the keywords in the questions users are asking is a unique feature. Question targeted ads are only shown on specific question pages, so marketers can tailor their message to that content, and hopefully, in turn, have their ads fit into the overall page seamlessly.

Image from Quora

Where do Question Targeted ads appear?

Question Targeted ads show up for users who are reading a question that includes the keywords the marketer specified when they set up their campaign. Unlike a programmatic buy, where ads could show up almost anywhere, Question Targeted ads appear only on the question pages you choose. 

KPIs Question Targeting can help with

Conversions: People using Quora are looking for answers and solutions. For example, let’s say your company makes the most high-powered telescope available to consumers. If someone is searching for tips on how to get the best view of Mars, a telescope that can help them easily scope out the Red Planet could be just the answer. 

Brand awareness: Using the same example from above, perhaps someone is looking for recommendations from other amateur astrologists for which telescope to get. They’re familiar with Levenhuks and Celestrons, but your telescope is brand new. A skillfully created ad will put your high-powered telescope on their radar.

One caveat to Question Targeting is that it is the most granular form of targeting on Quora, so while it might offer you super relevant access to a niche audience, it could be hard to scale. 

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How to get the most out of Question Targeting

Because Quora’s core offering is different than any other platform, you have to shape your campaigns to fit into the question-and-answer format. 

Keywords: With Quora’s Question Targeting, it’s all about the keywords. And you don’t have to start fresh, either. Take what’s already worked well for you on other platforms, and filter through to double-check they make sense for the questions your potential customers might be asking. 

Creative: Again, people on Quora are looking for answers. Whether they’re posing a fresh question or looking for helpful answers on a previously posed question, they want an answer. Your ad should serve as that answer. Be sure your copy tells someone exactly what your product or service can solve. Quora says ads that are positioned as answers see a much higher CTR. 

Right Questions: Don’t go wild when it comes to choosing the questions you want to target. Be thoughtful to make sure you’re ensuring your ads show up for the most relevant and interested audience. Pull up any personas you’ve created and use them to get into your customers’ heads. What might he or she be looking up or researching?

Also check out Quora Question Retargeting 

In early 2019, Quora announced Question Retargeting, which lets advertisers target someone who’s shown an interest in a specific question, meaning he or she has visited question pages that may contain keywords the marketer wants to target. The Question Date Range option lets marketers specify how recent they want the visit to the question page to be. Unlike regular Question Targeting, Question Retargeting allows your ad to be shown across Quora, not just on Question pages. 

Quora suggests extending your campaigns by pairing Question Retargeting with Sessions and Promoted Answers. You could promote an answer and/or host a Session. The people who read your answers are most likely interested in what you offer, so you can retarget that audience with Question Retargeting.

How do I set up Question Targeting?

Image from Quora

  1. Click your desired campaign.
  2. Click “+Create Ad Set” and name your ad set.
  3. Under “Primary Targeting”, select "Contextual Targeting".
  4. Next, select "Questions" from the menu below.
  5. Copy and paste questions into 'Search for Questions' field or use the “Bulk Add” button. You may enter keywords to search for relevant Quora questions or a Quora Session URL to target every question from a Session.
  6. Select your secondary targeting preferences and bid.
  7. Click “Update” to save your changes.

Quora’s ad platform is relatively new, so this is likely the first iteration of what the company will offer when it comes to an exclusive feature like Question Targeting. Nail it down now so you can ace any other expansions as soon as they come out. 


AdStage Team