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Top Blog Roundup: Best of 2018

It’s always fun to review the past year and see what topics caught people’s eye. We looked at our most-viewed blog posts for 2018 and it’s obvious the people want actionable information.

Here're are our top 10 best performing blogs of last year.

Tracking Conversions With Google Analytics
AdStage walks you through tracking conversions from any traffic source with the help of Google Analytics and their custom reports.

17 Free Photoshop Templates for Google Display Ads
Designing creative image ads can be one of the of the most fun parts of being a digital advertiser. Here are a few fundamentals to achieving best results with your display ads, and a downloadable template for Photoshop.

21 of the Best Google Sheets Add-Ons Designed for Marketers
Google Sheets have quickly become a valuable tool for marketers, and, with the addition of Google Sheets add-ons, are one the most powerful automation tools marketers have at their disposal

How Modern Marketers Measure Advertising Effectiveness
To truly understand the impact of a campaign, marketers need to be able to dig into results at an individual level through first-party data. Research Now surveyed 2,715 global marketers to examine their approach to measuring the effectiveness of campaigns.

The 10 Best AdWords Scripts to Scale your PPC Accounts
The key to keeping on top of your AdWords accounts when you scale is Automation. And, one of the most straightforward ways to automate tasks is to use AdWords Scripts for optimizations.
Here are the 10 I absolutely could not live without.

10 Eye-Opening Facts About Marketing Budget Allocation
Every two years, The CMO Survey asks hundreds of senior marketing executives hard-hitting questions about their marketing performance, hiring, and budget allocation to track industry changes and predict new trends. Here are the highlights of The CMO Survey’s data from 2017.

10 PPC Tools to Steal Your Competitors’ Best Ads
You don’t need to be a creative genius to come up with an effective advertising campaign. Most good ideas are creative mashups of other people’s ideas -- in copy, targeting, graphics, and pretty much everything else in advertising. Here are 10 tools that can help.

Facebook vs. YouTube: Which Platform Is More Effective for Video Marketing?
If video marketing is on your to-do list for this year and you want to know which channels drive the best ROI, read this article to learn some curious stats on the state of video marketing in 2018.

When and How Use Facebook Sequential Advertising
The concept of sequential advertising first started buzzing in 2013 but failed to gain momentum. That could be changing as platforms finally begin to build ways for marketers to more effectively deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

3 Big Google Shopping Campaign Mistakes That Are Costing You Money reviewed over 100 Google Shopping campaigns and found 3 common mistakes in almost every account they reviewed. The bad news is that these mistakes are common and probably costing you money. The good news is, these mistakes are quick to fix.

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