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YouTube now counts "engagement" at 10 seconds

This week in AdTech: YouTube now counts "engagement" as 10 seconds; best practices for LInkedIn Sponsored InMail campaigns; and Pinterest unveils updates to self-server ads manager.

YouTube Now Counts ‘Engagement’ for YouTube for Action Ads at 10 Seconds, Not 30

The shorter engagement-to-conversion window will mean faster ramp up times for target CPA campaigns and more current reporting.

Bing Ads Now Counts Conversions Based on the Time of Ad Clicks

Advertisers can expect improvements to the performance of ad schedule bid modifiers. They will now align better to the time of the click, rather than the time of the conversion.

Facebook Increasing Transparency for Ads Related to Politics in the UK

All advertisers wanting to run ads in the UK that reference political figures, political parties, and elections will need to verify their identity and location and carry a “Paid for by” disclaimer.

Best Practices for LinkedIn Sponsored InMail Campaigns

This guide walks through Sponsored InMail setup and best practices so you can become a LinkedIn Ads Hero.

Google-Incubated AdLingo Uses Chatbot Integration to Create Conversational Ads

Instead of building a chatbot and just letting consumers find it on their own website or app, brands can integrate it into their advertising, allowing people who see the ad to ask questions and provide feedback.

Pinterest Just Unveiled Several Updates to Its Self-Serve Ads Manager Tool

The updates are aimed at enabling brands and agencies of all sizes to set up and track the performance of their campaigns.

Facebook Expanding Policies on Voter Suppression

Facebook is now expressly banning misrepresentations about how to vote, such as claims that you can vote using an online app, and statements about whether a vote will be counted.

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