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You Can Now Apply to Be Verified on Instagram

This week on the PPC Show: You can now apply to be verified on Instagram, Facebook lets publishers test organic posts, and Snapchat can now track your emotions. Tune in to listen to this week's hottest news in ad tech from Josh Rodriguez (and yours truly):

Show Notes;

Facebook Is Letting 5 Publishers Test Headlines, Images, Copy In Organic Posts

The new tool -- currently in closed beta -- allows publishers to test up to four different versions of an organic post and see engagement data in real time.

Snapchat Figured Out How To Analyze People's Selfies

The new technology uses facial recognition on Snapchat selfies and takes cues from messages to score how happy or sad people are feeling.

Pandora Introduces Capabilities For Shorter, More Personalized Ads

Pandora advertisers will be able to dynamically assemble different audio ads for different listeners, sequentially target ads, and create super-short ads from 4 to 10 seconds in length.

Google Measures Effectiveness of Ads With New ‘Ad Strength’ Indicator

Google’s new tool “Ad Strength” indicator allows advertisers to measure responsive search and display ads on a scale from “Poor” to “Excellent.”

Facebook Watch Is Launching Globally, But People Still Don’t Know What It Is

Facebook is rolling out its video-on-demand platform globally, but half of adult Facebook users don’t even know Watch exists, according to a research firm.

You Can Now Apply to Be Verified on Instagram

Accounts that have large audiences can now directly ask for verification through a form, instead of hoping that Instagram will one day grant them the status or by paying on the black market.

Nielsen’s Marketer's Guide To Podcasting: Third-Quarter 2018

The new Nielsen’s Marketer’s Guide to Podcasting for Q3 2018 features curious insights on the purchasing behavior of self-identified “avid” podcast fans split by their preferred podcast genre.


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